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Videos - Watch Healing Testamonies

Sid Roth's website has very encouraging stories of people who have been touched by God in Miraculous ways - even when their situation seemed impossible. Click on the links below and watch the video you want to see and BE ENCOURAGED!

The Sid Roth website

(You can download one of these free media players, if you don't have one already, to watch the videos.)

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Guest: Michael Hinson, Joan Hunter

Subject: The root causes of disease.

Guest: Doug Jones

Subject: Receiving your healing.

Guest: Rick Taylor (Audio only)

Subject: Miracles at Healing Rooms in California.

Guest: Hank and Brenda Kunneman

Subject: Hearing God's voice.

Guest: Tim Enloe

Subject: Moving in the Gifts of the Spirit.

Guest: Emily Dotson

Subject: Healed of lupus.
Supernatural Healing: Emily Dotson teaches others how to overcome disease through the power of God. Read her incredible story.

Guest: Kris Vallotton (show 1 of 2)

Subject: Overcoming fear.

Guest: Kris Vallotton (show 2 of 2)

Subject: Walking in miracles.

Guest: Bill Johnson

Subject: Miracles on the streets.

Guest: Roger Sapp

Subject: Has found the secret to having 80-100% of his audience healed.

Guest: Peggy Joyce Ruth

Subject: God's promises of supernatural protection contained in Psalm 91.

Guest: Allen and Sandi Frye

Subject: The Fryes were on an airplane that ran out of fuel and survived a crash landing.

Guest: Anita Hill

Subject: Healing testimony and the Spiritual roots of disease.

Guest: Larry and Tiz Huch

Subject: Breaking curses.

Guest: Dr. John Miller

Subject: Healing through communion.

Guest: Ella Brunt

Subject: Her son was caught under a boat and drowned...then he was dramatically healed.

Guest: Vickie Faurie (Audio only)

Subject: Vickie was healed.

Guest: Ron and Shirley Bulluck

Subject: Supernaturally healed several years after a serious car accident.

Guest: Allan Smith

Subject: Allan's lung was supernaturally healed.

Guest: Vince Callahan

Subject: Supernatural counseling.

Guest: Robin Harfouche

Subject: Former hollywood actress who was delivered from the New Age.

Guest: Suzy Harbinson

Subject: Suzy is a violinist whose hand was supernaturally healed.

Guest: Bree Keyton

Subject: Overcoming disease.

Guest: Robert Inguanzo (Audio only)

Subject: Robert was healed of AIDS.

Guest: Gary Wood

Subject: Died, saw heaven, came back to life.

Guest: Mel and Desiree Ayres

Subject: Desiree was supernaturally healed after a firey crash on the set of a television show.

Guest: Henry Wright

Subject: The Spiritual roots of disease.

Guest: Mark and Marlene Werning

Subject: Marlene was healed of terminal liver cancer.

Guest: Peggy Joyce Ruth

Subject: God's Supernatural Protection.

Guest: Cal Pierce

Subject: Cal is head of the "Healing Rooms" ministry in Spokane, WA.

Guest: Dr. Tom and Sid Renfro (Audio only)

Subject: Tom was healed of terminal cancer.

Guest: Jerry Baysinger

Subject: Jerry was healed of liver cancer.

Guest: Mary Jo Clouse (Audio only)

Subject: Being free of the past and able to receive God's blessings.

Guest: Sandra Kennedy (Audio only)

Subject: Healing through God's Word and prayer.

Guest: Dr. Ricky and Dot Roberts

Subject: Healing from severe mental retardation.

Guest: George Bloomer (Audio only)

Subject: George talks about being free of areas in our lives that bind us.

Guest: Curry Blake (Audio only)

Subject: Secrets of divine healing.

Guest: Dr. Jim Richards

Subject: Freedom from emotional pain.

Guest: John Carver (Audio only)

Subject: Miracles God performed through A.A. Allen, William Branham, and Jack Coe.

Guest: Rebecca Greenstein (Audio only)

Subject: Healed of severe environmental illness.

Guest: Dr. Paul L. Cox (Audio only)

Subject: Discerning in the Spirit; deliverance.

Guest: Michael O'Loughlin

Subject: Supernatural Testimony.

Guest: David Yaniv

Subject: David was partially paralyzed from an accident for several years. He was miraculously healed.

Guest: David Piper (Audio only)

Subject: David was supernaturally set free of drug addiction. Now he lives for God and moves in signs and wonders.

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