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Bookmarks for Fundraisers

Note: All our Inspirational Gift Products, including our "2014 Calendars", "Magnets", "Share Cards", "Prints", "Note Cards" and "Bookmarks" are available for Fundraisers. See sample Bookmark Fundraisers below. Please contact for more information regarding the other products we offer for your upcoming Fundraiser! helps you raise the extra funds your School, Church, Ministry, Group or Sunday School needs. Earn 50% to 60% profit for your team by offering products that are Inspirational and encouraging They will bless the receiver and the giver. We supply all you need!

We offer (2) options. You decide which is best for your team:

  • Ready To Sell – You keep 50%, -or-
  • Easy Assembly – You keep 60%

Choose which works best for you ... see below **

Fund Raisers *Kit: Collection of (12) Bookmarks: (2"x7" each Bookmark)

Original Price: $19.99 on sale for a limited time for $5.99

Fear Not

"Fear Not" Bookmark


"Abide" Bookmark


"Grace" Bookmark


"Strength" Bookmark


"Healing" Bookmark


"Peace" Bookmark


"Hope" Bookmark


"Trust" Bookmark


"Rejoice" Bookmark


"Faith" Bookmark


"Victory" Bookmark


"Love" Bookmark

"Ready to Sell" - You Keep 50%**. Minimum (10) Packets.

"Easy Assembly" - Make 10% more for your group**. Minimum (10) Packets.


It's Easy to Start!

Packet of (12) Bookmarks Kit!

Inspirational Bookmarks make fundraising successful for large or small groups. See our Popular *Kit below.

Sample Bookmark Collection - "Encouragement" Series

*Kit includes (12) Bookmarks in a clear plastic hanging baggie to keep them all together (or you can give some away). It also includes a sample flyer for the bulletin at your Church or School and a letter filled with tips to have a great, successful fundraiser!!!

Our custom designed bookmarks are UV protected for sturdier, longer lasting Bookmarks. They are available in a collection of (12) different Scripture topics..."Fear Not", "Abide", "Grace", "Strength", "Healing", "Peace" "Hope", "Trust", "Rejoice", "Faith", "Victory" and "Love". Scripture Bookmarks are a great source of encouragement!

These high quality Bookmarks are full color, (2 x 7) inches and are easy to carry in your Bible, briefcase, notebook or purse for encouragement right at your fingertips. Each one is custom designed and has (2) full sides of encouraging Scriptures. Great tool for Scripture memorization.


50% – 60% Profit for your School, Church, Ministry, Group or Sunday School needs.

Learn More:

Earn 50% – 60% Profit for your Groups needs.

** We offer (2) options, so you can keep a little extra for your cause:

  • Ready To Sell – You keep 50%, -or-
  • Easy Assembly – You keep 60%

Keep 10% more if you choose to have your group do the easy assembly! Throw an assembly party with the team of fundraisers. All pieces are included with your fundraiser kit. Kits come with easy, step by step instructions for the leader to help the team put the packets together. All you need to do is divide the number of items per packet, put them in the included clear plastic hanging baggie and seal them. It’s that simple.

Have light snacks and refreshments afterwards. It’s a good way for the team to get to know each other, and get excited about the fundraiser. You are now ready to sell and make money for your cause! We wish you great success! To save 10% just select the “Easy Assembly” option above, and you will get the additional 10% off.

The Packet of (12) laminated Bookmarks are on sale for $11.98 to your customers. Your cost is $5.99. Your profit is 50% – 60% which is $5.99 to $7.18 per packet for your School, Church, Ministry, Group or Sunday School.

Below are samples of what your group could make with a certain amount of packets. Don't forget to add the additional 10% for the “Easy Assembly” option.

* Packets start in amounts of (10) and up.

Bookmark Collection Packets
* Sample Totals (Start at (10) Packets And Up)
Profit Per Packet Total Profit
For Your Group
(10) $5.99 $59.90
(50) $5.99 $299.50
(100) $5.99 $599.00
(250) $5.99 $1,497.50
(500) $5.99 $2,995.00
(1,000) $5.99 $5,990.00

This is a wonderful opportunity to share Inspirational gifts that encourage the giver and the receiver at an affordable price.

Thank you for using's products. If you have any questions - or if we can be of service in any way, please contact us.

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