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Inspirational Gift Products for all your Ministry needs

Special Overstock Price Reduction Sale - Save up to 80% While They Last

Inspire and bring hope through the Scriptures with affordable gifts! We are happy to work with you and help you meet your Ministry and Group needs. Several items are available and can match your brand to direct people to your Church or Ministry with your phone number and address. Please contact or (619) 733-7421 with any questions.

Inspirational Bookmarks are Great for Scripture Memory and Encouragement!

Custom "Encouragement" Collection of (12) high-quality UV protected Bookmarks are sturdy and longer lasting! Each comes with two full sides of Scriptures right at your fingertips to help bring healing, strength and more. Size (2"x7")

Fear Not

"Fear Not" Bookmark


"Abide" Bookmark


"Grace" Bookmark


"Strength" Bookmark


"Healing" Bookmark


"Peace" Bookmark


"Hope" Bookmark


"Trust" Bookmark


"Rejoice" Bookmark


"Faith" Bookmark


"Victory" Bookmark


"Love" Bookmark

Collection of (12) Bookmarks: (2"x7") **Special Ministry Rate: $7.99 while supplies last!Testimonies

Free Shipping for Orders Over $40.00


Order Individually Below. Bookmarks: (2"x7") **Special Ministry Rate: 0.69¢ each. while supplies last!

"Fear Not"

"Fear Not" Sample
Buy Now - "Fear Not" - Bookmark.


"Abide" Sample
Buy Now - "Abide" - Bookmark.


"Grace" Sample
Buy Now - "Grace" - Bookmark.


"Strength" Sample
Buy Now - "Strength" - Bookmark.


"Healing" Sample
Buy Now - "Healing" - Bookmark.


"Peace" Sample
Buy Now - "Peace" - Bookmark.


"Hope" Sample
Buy Now - "Hope" - Bookmark.


"Trust" Sample
Buy Now - "Trust" - Bookmark.


"Rejoice" Sample
Buy Now - "Rejoice" - Bookmark.


"Faith" Sample
Buy Now - "Faith" - Bookmark.


"Victory" Sample
Buy Now - "Victory" - Bookmark.


"Love" Sample
Buy Now - "Love" - Bookmark.

For All Your Ministry and Group Needs!

The original collection of Bookmarks by include (2) full sides of Scriptures. These bookmarks make wonderful gifts.

 Topical Bookmarks For All Your Ministry and Group Needs:

  • Ministries and Retreats
    • Women's Ministry
    • Men's Ministry
    • Greeter / Hospitality
    • Care / Compassion
    • Military Ministry
    • Prison Ministry
    • Hospital / Bereavement
  • Outreach
    • Community Outreaches
    • Evangelism Tools
    • Gift Baskets
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Groups
    • Marriage Enrichment
    • Discipleship
    • Life Groups
    • Grief Share
    • Small Groups
    • Singles
    • Single Moms
    • Support / Recovery
    • College and Career
    • Students / Youth
    • Summer Camps

What People Are Saying About's Bookmarks:

  • "We are writing this letter to express what a blessing the bookmarks... have been to us. We have used them as favors/gifts for the ladies attending our Women's Ministry Koinonia Fellowship Dinners and given them to our group leaders as a small thank you gift. One of the ladies in the Over 50's group at our church received one, and liked it so much she asked us if she could have 50 more to give out at the Over 50's Dinner! We have also had the opportunity to minister to patients in the hospital by encouraging them with Scriptures printed on the bookmarks. That is what we love the most about the bookmarks - they are all God's Word. They have been a wonderful ministry tool and a very practical, encouraging gift to those who have received them."
    Women's Ministry Office – Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia
  • "We are looking forward to putting these bookmarks on the pillows at the Retreat for all the attendee's. We are asking the Holy Spirit to show us just which one would be good for each person."
    Bernice – La Mesa, CA
  • "The bookmarks are in the front desk of the clinic and have been a blessing to patients, already!...I especially like ‘Abide’...I also took a few to Spain, on my most recent trip, and gave them to people who are seeking the Lord! The stand is great, made it so much easier to display right away! Keep the faith and blessings always..."
    Dr. Tony – CA
  • "Your bookmarks look quite beautiful. They will brighten the days of our residents substantially."
    Mike – Newport, CA
  • "Thank you for the bookmarks they are so pretty and such wonderful verses. You really have a ministry with these prints and bookmarks etc. Lord bless your day. In Him."
    Cathy – PA
  • "The Chaplains were very please to find them (the bookmarks) in their office and felt they would be wonderful to give to our patients. We are anticipating the opening of our 'meditation room' for patient and visitor use within the next couple of weeks. These will be a lovely addition to make available for them to take."
    Judy – CA

Thank you for using's products. If you have any questions - or if we can be of service in any way, please contact us.


Special Ministry Rate

** To receive these special Ministry prices you must give the products away as Ministry gifts.
(If you are planning to resell these bookmarks, please request/see our wholesale or retail price list.)

Special Ministry Price:

Based on a minimum of at least (50) Bookmarks ordered (can mix and match topics). The higher the amount ordered the larger the discount.

  • Individual Bookmark = 0.69¢ each.
  • Collection of (12) Bookmarks = $7.99.

They come individually by topic or in a set of (12) topics, for encouragement right at your fingertips no matter what the need may be. "Victory" for a Men's Retreat, "Healing" for a Hospital or Health Ministry, "Strength" for a Prison Ministry and "Hope" for Single Moms, "Faith" for your Youth Group, etc... . You can mix and match bookmarks to receive the quantity discount. For example: (60) Hope and (200) Victory bookmarks or add sets of the (12) Bookmarks as well. The combination is based on your Ministry needs!

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