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Bringing Encouragement and Hope Across The World

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  • Zimbabwe brings encouraging Biblical information and websites to (105) Countries Worldwide. We are also dedicated to offering Gift Products that bring hope through the Scriptures. To find out more please contact

NEW: Sign our Guestbook and let us know your name, the country you are from and how has blessed you today!

It is wonderful to hear how people are being touched and blessed by and our products! If you would like to sign our guestbook and share how you have been encouraged, or if you have any other helpful Resource or Links suggestions, please send them to Be sure to include your first name and Country. Thank you and Blessings!

  • “I am delighted to browse your website which is filled with spiritual uplifting materials...may God continue to use your gifts and talents, and reward you abundantly for the good acts and ministry you have done for Him for the growth of His Kingdom.”
    Dr CY - Hong Kong, China
  • “I would like to send several cards, both to wish some who aren't well healing and health and to just bless some people...You have some truly beautiful pictures and the verses add just the right touch to them.”
  • “Through these trials in this season of my life with various illnesses and depression, I have found myself at times searching the internet for words of hope and encouragement. Today being my dear mother's birthday, I went to and found one of your beautiful cards there to send her. Then coming to your site, I found a one stop place where words of hope, faith and strength abound. Thank you so much for this. May God's blessing be with you.”
  • “Greetings in the precious Name of Jesus Christ. This is Pastor Michael...I am only 23 years old but depend upon the anointing of God to remedy men's problems. Pray for me as a pastor and evangelist, I need strong anointing, authority and angels working in my life and ministry. We could use some (Bookmarks) and also for first time visitors as a gift.”
    Pastor Michael - Jamaica, West Indies
  • “Your cards are very encouraging and really joyful creations.”
    Marga - Zwaagwesteinde, The Netherlands.
  • “The bookmarks are great tools...I pray that you will be overjoyed with the blessings the Lord sends you in your new venture. Your brother in Christ Jesus.”
    David - Galesburg, IL.
  • “Hello, I am opening a new Chiropractic Office. We will be opening a healing room also in a year or so. I want to get some of your pictures in my office to display and sell. Thanks.”
    Dr. Cindy - Glasgow, KY
  • “I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful site. It just has so much to offer and I visit it a lot and I just thought I should say thank you and may God Bless you. Thank You.”
  • “The bookmarks are in the front desk of the clinic and have been a blessing to patients, already!...I especially like ‘Abide’...I also took a few to Spain, on my most recent trip, and gave them to people who are seeking the Lord! The stand is great, made it so much easier to display right away! Keep the faith and blessings always...”
    Dr. Tony
  • “God Bless You...Your E-cards are beautiful and a great blessing from the Lord. I am a registered Nurse making a transition from nursing into full time service for the Lord...I would like to have ‘A Joyful Creation’ as a link on my website. I would also love to carry all of your e-cards - could this be done in conjunction with your other products such as the bookmarkers? God Bless.”
  • “Marvelous pictures! And I only glanced at a tiny bit of what all you have accumulated there. In His service.”
    Dr. Richard - Greensboro, NC
  • “I looked at your site today and was very impressed with your products. The pictures and the verses fit wonderfully together! God Bless.”
    Colleen - Costa Mesa, CA
  • “Your website is indeed a blessing. Would like to share URL with others. May GOD continue to make you a blessing to HIS own praise. by HIS grace.”
  • “I love these bookmarks and the cards that are on this website.”
  • “Your bookmarks look quite beautiful. They will brighten the days of our residents substantially.”
    Mike - Newport, CA
  • “Love the site!”
  • “Thank you for the bookmarks they are so pretty and such wonderful verses. You really have a ministry with these prints and bookmarks etc. Lord bless your day. In Him.”
    Cathy - Pennsylvania
  • “The Chaplains were very please to find them (the bookmarks) in their office and felt they would be wonderful to give to our patients. We are anticipating the opening of our 'meditation room' for patient and visitor use within the next couple of weeks. These will be a lovely addition to make available for them to take.”
    Judy - California
  • “I love you're inspirational quotes, and everything else.”
    Jeannette - Franklin Park, NJ
  • “Love your site and cards, keep up the good work. Praise the Lord. Happy New Year and peace and love to you and yours...”
  • “God bless you!!!!!!! I first noticed your art work on and each card has been a blessing. When I went to your sight, I did not see some of that art. Do you have other locations where you post?...Jude 2 ‘May mercy and peace and love be multiplied to you.’...May God repeatedly bless you abundantly with more good than you can ask or think.”
  • “we luv your cards!!...they are so beautiful & we would luv to share them with our family & friends...”
    Jamie & Family
  • “Thank you for your awesome e-cards. I use them a lot. They are such a blessing. I hope they will all soon be available to send. The pictures and scripture verses are wonderful. Thanks again. God bless all of you.”
  • “Checked out your colorful/beautiful e-cards. Wonderfully adorable. Thanx for sharing. In Christ Jesus.”
  • “I don't know how I found your site but I am sure glad I did. It is Beautiful.”
  • “Your website has been an inspiration to me. Your products are absolutely beautiful. I'm having a hard time choosing what I want first. Your ministry helps are inspiring. Thank you for your ministry.”
    Sincerely, Joy
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