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Websites that inspire and encourage. The following Links offer various books and other resources that are tremendously helpful. They teach, encourage and support Biblical views regarding healing and overcoming for every area of life.

The Healing Rooms

Find a location in your city. They offer prayer for any need you may have. They also offer inspirational tapes, books and worship CDs.

World Wide Healing Ministries of Faith

Great site for prayer and miracles.

"Heart 4 God" at Deeper Shopping

Save on Books, Music, Bibles, Skin Care and More.


A place of encouragement where you can find help as you grieve the loss of a family member or friend. You can even receive uplifting e-mails daily to help you through with a Biblical and Eternal perspective.

Wholebody Wellness Solutions

Are You Sick & Tired Of Being Sick & Tired?
Know The Cause.

Audio Joy

Audio Joy lets you send encouragement and hope to those you love through the very unique and personal process of creating an Audio Love Note.

All Nations Ministries

Dr. Roger Sapp offers great resources, including a CD titled "The 12 Doubts" He gives speaking engagements sharing his testimony and he prays for the sick. Contact him through his website link.

Christian Ministries Online

A great resource for many well known ministries from Christian artists to teaching ministries.

Tim Greenwood Ministries

Tim was healed of terminal heart disease. He has a wonderful website. You can download his encouraging book about walking in faith.

Abiding in the Healing Word

Dan Downey shares his insightful study of healing through God's redemptive plan of salvation. There are many encouraging articles and testimonies of people who have been healed by the Lord's touch and by applying His Word. Be sure to read: them.

Lay Hands Ministry

Evangelism, Healing, and Teaching Resources! They have great articles on healing and every example of healing in the New Testament!

Christianity Today

Informing. Inspiring. Connecting. Equipping. Good articles and resources.

Pastor Henry Wright

Pastor Henry Wright has a wonderful ministry on spiritual roots and diseases. They also offer a one-week seminar. Check their website for details.

A cancer support group dedicated to help grieving and depressed patients and provide information on a variety of healthy habits and therapies to improve recovery.

Sid Roth

Listen or watch many testimonies of God's healing power and deliverance.

Life Healing Ministries

Jerry was wonderfully healed from liver cancer. He gives speaking engagements sharing his testimony and he prays for the sick. Contact him through his website link.

Pastor Larry Hutch Ministries

Breaking generational curses from a Biblical perspective.

Gathering Manna

Read Sue's encouraging story! . Sue was healed of 4 major diseases after many years. She shares, "You know, many times the real miracle is the supernatural ability God gives us to persevere through difficult circumstances."

Comfort Prints

The Comfort Prints® Collection-Christian Art that expresses God's Love for you.

Whole Person Counseling

Basil Frasure, Ph D. does individual, marriage, and family counseling, spiritual warfare, encouragement and other topics.

Bee Joyful QuiltsJoyfully quilting the time away

Take a moment for yourself! Pour a cup of tea! Enjoy browsing our site full of quilt patterns, books, tools and quilting related items. You'll also find frameable art, freebies and fun stuff!

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