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Permission Request

Thank you for your interest in the Collection of original artwork. We have been touched to receive many requests to use our various Artwork and Designs for wonderful uses.

NOTE: At this time, we are no longer able to give permission to copy or use any of our Artwork or Designs.
Thank you.

  • “ make cards to be sent by the children of our church to our homebound members to lift their spirits, feed them spiritually and strengthen their faith.”
  • “Praise be to God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!! What awesome creations! We would like to have permission to use your work for our PowerPoint presentations during our church service. I have the pleasure of creating these presentations and want to bring God all the glory. I believe HE would be magnified during our service with your creations included. May God bless you richly.”
  • “To encourage and uplift others; To use in worship programs and special programs.”
  • “using them on ‘witness cards’,...for people to use to leave with a tip after dinner, or start a conversation with - similar to a tract use your photos in my ministry to students and in witnessing.”
  • “Let me express once again how lovely your art work is. Please send me the information on permissions. I would like to incorporate your work in our churches PowerPoint presentation. I remain enthusiastic about your ministry and I am looking forward to working with you soon.”
  • “Your site contains some of the prettiest artwork/ecards I have found -- I would like to be able to send your cards to family & friends.”
  • “I am working as a doctor in a public hospital...The hospital chaplaincy department is holding regular lunch gathering monthly for hospital staff with invited Christian speakers to share their life experiences with a view for evangelistic purpose. I wonder if you could grant approval to use some of the photos...for preparing PowerPoint presentations if this is needed in the future in order to help inspiring the audience.”
  • “Your artwork is so uplifting and I would like to use it as encouragement for our church ministry's sick, shut-ins and those who need encouragement...”
  • “I must say that your photography is some of the most beautiful I have seen. I would like to be able to send them as cards to family and friends and also use as a witnessing tool.”
  • “I lead the projection team at church and would love the opportunity to use your art. Our team's goal/mission is to enhance worship and the art I previewed are magnificent.”
  • “Our children Sunday School classes put together once a month cards to be sent to our homebound members. I came across your cards at and I am so moved by them. I would love to be able if possible to print some of these cards and send them to our homebound members from the children of our church.”
  • “My intention was to send your cards through e-mail, and not all your cards are available trough Crosscards/Crosswalk.”
  • “Your web site was great and I would love to get permission to send your e-cards (they are beautiful!!!!) to various people (donors and prayer partners) as well as instructions on how to do so...They are terrific and I look forward to having my secretary send them out to some of our ministry partners. Praying with you!!!!”
  • “I am thrilled to have found your web site. I believe God has called me to the ministry of encouraging the Saints. I believe scripture itself is a means of encouragement. Your e-cards are perfect. I would like permission to use your cards direct in my personal ministry versus going through another source. I am requesting permission to do so. Thank-You!”
  • “Please send your copyright permission form. I would like to send some of your beautiful cards to my family and friends. Thank you!”
  • “I Would Love To Use Your Site. I Send Cards All Year Long For Every Occassion And I Would Love To Use Your Site To Send Cards Over The Internet. I Am A Born Again Christian And These Are Wonderful...Thank You For The Work You Do.”
  • “...they are so pretty to send to the sick folks I know and the ones that the Lord is dealing with for their salvation.”

All Artwork and Photographs are Copyright © 2004-2019 All Rights Reserved. Any use of an image without the express written consent of is illegal and strictly prohibited.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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